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Horror game set for release to bring back the fear of the 90s!

Invader Studios have released a statement to announce that they are releasing a 90s inspired horror game called Daymare: 1998. The game will be developed with the help of former Capcom designer Satoshi Nakai. Daymare: 1998 will aim to redeliver to current gamers the horror that video games of the 90s did. Titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill sure were a terrifying experience!

Invader Studios drew attention last year by releasing a trailer of an unofficial remake of Resident Evil 2 that they developed. The game was built on Unreal Engine 4 and titled, Resident Evil 2 Reborn. It was recepted well by fans of the Resident Evil series however, was later shut down. Fortunately for fans, Capcom (Developer of the Resident Evil series) announced that they would be making an official remake.

It seems as though Invader Studios are now using the resources from their RE2 Reborn project to create their own title. With the help of Nakai who is focusing on the design of the deadly creatures, Daymare:1998 should be an interestingly scary experience! It will feature the same over the shoulder camera along with high end visuals, original soundtrack, eerie atmosphere and hardcore survival game mechanics. The game is set to be released on PC and is also built on Unreal Engine 4. First announcement trailer is below.


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