From Dec 15th-18th, you can snag seven (mostly) critically acclaimed Ubisoft games absolutely free.

Ubisoft announced their UBI 30 celebration at E3 2016, giving away one game per month to celebrate 30 years of existence. Not to be confused with their similar 30 days of Christmas giveaways started on Nov 24.

If you slept on the last seven months of UBI 30 you have a few days to acquire all seven. You will have to sign up for Ubisoft Club and use Uplay of course, but both are free and relatively painless.

BG&E is arguably the most lovable critically acclaimed commercial failure of all time, selling 0.33mm units according to

It controls like a 3D Zelda and features an interesting paranoia/government/environmental plot. A great game for its time and definitely worth checking out for free if you missed it the first time around.

Ubisoft recently confirmed the long-rumored sequel is in the works, helmed by creator Michel Ancel. Hopefully the internet’s fascination with this game translates into sales this time around.


“The game is stupid” claimed Blood Dragon creative director Dean Evans. Ubisoft forced the Far Cry 3 engine to freebase dangerous amounts of neon while ingesting 80s action films like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange.

If you’re tired of games taking themselves too seriously, you might love this.


A beautiful game with great tree climbing. Learn a little about the American Revolution while killing people in Boston and New York. It’s probably not the best in the series but still a decent enough game with plenty to do.

This was a big deal when it first hit. The prince wowed gamers with acrobatic moves and the novel time-travel mechanic that allowed you to rewind back any deathly mistakes.


BG&E’s Michel Ancel flexed his animator muscles to produce a slick and gorgeous platformer.  I’ll definitely be checking this out while waiting for a new Mario on the Switch.


Many tried to imitate Metal Gear Solid but Splinter Cell was the first to offer a stealth-action experience on par with Kojima’s masterpieces.

This was a stunning showpiece for the Xbox back in 2002 and reviewed very well. I’m not sure how it would hold up in 2016, but now we won’t have to pay to find out.


The Crew is the newest and worst-reviewed game on the list. Although the total package appears to come up short, many reviewers claim there’s some fun to be had. For $0, you might as well take it for a spin.


Are you planning on playing any of these?



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