Nintendo Direct

A Nintendo Direct is rumored to be happening literally any second now, and Twitter has made the hype train go even faster. GameStop just posted a tweet about a Nintendo Direct happening “in 45 minutes,” but quickly deleted the tweet. Of course, not quick enough to beat those snappy screenshotters.

Screenshots of the tweet, which included the always welcome gif of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé tapping his watch, were first posted by Nibel on Twitter. Though many are skeptical about the picture’s authenticity, several other Twitter users replied with screenshots of the same post from GameStop on various devices. It looks to be the real deal.

Clearly, this was either a big mistake or a big troll from someone at GameStop. Either way, it’s adding fuel to the fire of Nintendo Direct rumors, which started with a leaked internal EA email that pointed at a January presentation from the Big N. More recently, some Nintendo Switch game placeholders popped up on Amazon with images saying, “Just announced at the Nintendo Switch event.”

Fans on Twitter are growing more and more excited — and rather impatient — for the official Nintendo Direct announcement from the company. Funny enough, Nintendo of America’s Twitter account retweeted the below post yesterday, in the midst of Direct rumors swarming around the site.

Nintendo has the jokes. Hopefully, soon, they will have a Direct presentation for us. Nintendo is known to announce Directs as little as 24 hours before the presentation goes live, and I honestly wouldn’t put it past them to reveal the event on the same day for which it’s scheduled. You know they’d pull something like that.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest information and give you a full rundown of the Nintendo Direct if/ when it happens.


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