nintendo switch tablet

nintendo switch tablet

I think about the Nintendo Switch approximately… three times a day. How much should I save up for it? What specs will it have? Can I get one in burgundy? And, most importantly, what games can I play on it?

Some games have already been confirmed for Nintendo’s newest hybrid console. The Switch’s first look trailer showcased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Bethesda’s Skyrim, a new 3D Mario, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and NBA 2K17. Some surprising, all exciting.

Both Nintendo and third-party developers have been secretive about their games for the Switch. But that hasn’t stopped my fangirl mind from dreaming up what games I could play on both my TV and that sleek portable tablet. Humor me while I delve into some possibilities of Nintendo titles for the Switch. I’ll have a whole other novel to write about third-party game hopes and dreams.


Super Smash Bros.

This is a no-brainer, right? The Switch is the next big thing, and Smash Bros. is incredibly popular. It’s gotta happen. I’d be lying if I said I thought we’d get a brand new game, but honestly a port sounds great to me. Smash Bros. Wii U was a huge improvement on Brawl, especially with the added amiibo support. I just want to be able to be able to load up Toon Link and kick my friends’ asses at home and on the go. It’d be so fun and so convenient!


Kingdom Hearts

I’m including this game in the Nintendo article since spin-off games have been available on Nintendo systems.

A game that’s close to many gamers’–pun not intended–hearts, Kingdom Hearts would be perfect for the Switch’s library. The Kingdom Hearts mainline series has historically been exclusive to PlayStation, but KH3 has been confirmed for both PS4 and Xbox One. And with Square Enix’s collaboration with Nintendo, maybe we could see this title on the Switch. Although we’ve been hearing about KH3 since 2013, no official release date has been set for this game. Maaaybe they’re taking even more time because they’re trying to port it for the Switch? Hopeful thoughts.


pikmin 3Pikmin has had a game on every Nintendo home console since the GameCube. It’s an adorably fun strategy-adventure game where you collect sprout-like creatures that interact with the world in different ways. A spinoff game has been announced for the 3DS in 2017, so I wouldn’t expect a new mainline Pikmin game super soon. But somewhere down the line, Nintendo has to put Pikmin on the Switch, especially since they’re showing it can go handheld with this 3DS spinoff. I’d even be happy with a Pikmin 3 port, as it’s my absolute favorite of the series. Just look at that beautiful world and those cute little Pikmin!

Animal Crossing

This is a big one. Animal Crossing has always been a huge game for Nintendo. The last mainline game, New Leaf, was released over four years ago, and it still has a massive player-base. Nintendo actually just brought out a pretty substantial “Welcome amiibo” update for the game–not a common sight for such a dated game. They’ve thrown some spin-off titles our way with Happy Home Designer on the 3DS and Amiibo Festival for the Wii U, but it’s time for a new mainline title. Players love their New Leaf towns, but they’re ready to broaden their horizons with a bigger game that includes improvements they’ve been begging for since 2012.


I asked some of my Tumblr followers what games they’d like to see on the Switch, and a fewWarioWare people mentioned a new WarioWare. It’s been years since I’ve touched a WarioWare game, but I remember them fondly. WarioWare is comprised of a series of microgames, which are tiny, simple minigames with objectives like popping balloons or spinning a coin. These microgames can even be as bizarre as picking a nose. As the player’s level goes up, the microgames become more challenging. It’s very fast-paced and very silly, and there hasn’t been a new installment since 2013. I could see WarioWare being a great party game on the home console and almost too fun to play on the go.

Open World Pokémon

This last one is evidence of my dreaming get a little carried away, but just follow me here. I haven’t looked at the exact numbers, but Pokémon has to be one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises, if not the most successful. There are current 14 mainline games internationally, along with numerous spinoff titles. A Pokémon game on the Switch would sell like actual literal hot cakes. And what if it was… open world? A full-fledged high definition 3D world with Pokémon visibly wandering around in the wild, sometimes jumping out at you and sometimes running away from you. Passing travelers on the road who ask for help healing their sick Eevee or tracking down a Butterfree for their daughter. Complex enemies with varying toughness and interesting dialogue. It’d be like Skyrim but, ya know, Pokémon.

pokemon nxt
A screenshot from Pokémon Nxt, a fan-made open-world free-roam Pokémon game

This type of Pokémon is probably pretty far off. Sun and Moon are still only a liiittle out of their comfort zone. But, hey, look how far Zelda games have come. Once 8-bit, top-down view, four-direction Link gets his very own beautiful 3D open world in 2017. It’s not so far fetched for Pokémon to eventually do the same.

Hopefully we’ll get some actual game confirmations in January when Nintendo says more Switch details will be discussed. Until then, I’m content with daydreaming.

What games do you think or hope will come to the Switch?


  1. I want Fire Emblem on the Nintendo Switch. I think it will do better on that platform than on the Nintendo 3DS.

    I also want HD remasters of Kid Icarus: Uprising and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

  2. Well I actually think the Switch lineup will be way better than this.
    What’s actually happening whit the Switch is that all of Nintendo:s games for their portable and their stationary consoles will join on one system. Not only that but today Nintendo owns a number of other companies like Monolith (Xenoblade Chronicles) and Intelligence system (Fire emblem).
    And yeah, what I hard from rumors just the launch lineup the first year seems to be pretty insane.
    And as it’s rumor to have about the same amount of power as the xbox1 and ps4 it’s bound to have a really great third party support to.
    Here’s a guy talking about the hardware rumor, pretty amazing if this is true and yeah as it’s nvidia and Nintendo it’s not all that unlikely.

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