The Flame In The Flood and Human: Fall Flat will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Publisher Curve Digital posted an update on Twitter today confirming the news.

Curve Digital state they are “extremely excited” to announce their upcoming release on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, the publisher states that Flame in the Flood will be arriving this October. Human: Fall Flat will be getting a release date later this year however, there is no release period just yet.

When responding to questions, the publisher states they have no news on a physical release just yet. However, “it’s not outside the realms of possibility” according to the publisher. They also posted a gif of approval about the idea of physical versions of the game.

In other news, there is no word on a PS Vita version of either of these games. The publisher will make an another announcement in the future if this changes. We’ll keep you updated!