A Bethesda spokesperson was able to confirm a few details about the Nintendo Switch version of Doom. They explained to RollingStone that the technology behind Doom is “extremely scalable”.

The developer confirmed that the game will run at a solid 30 FPS so the “experience remains consistently fluid and smooth”. Which is relatively good news for those who have been concerned about what the game would run like on the Nintendo Switch. The first videos and first impressions of Doom on the Nintendo Switch were recently released and this news confirms the original thoughts from those articles and videos.

It’s also been confirmed that Doom will run at 720p in docked mode. There are no visual differences between the docked and handheld modes for the Nintendo Switch. However, a spokesperson for Bethesda states that the game may appear different because it’s being played on a larger screen.

While the single-player campaign fits on a 16 GB cartridge for the physical version, the multiplayer mode will be a separate download. The additional multiplayer content is a 9 GB download and doesn’t fit on the 16 GB cartridge. So the developer of the port has been forced to add multiplayer as a separate download. Those purchasing the physical copy should keep this in mind.

Speaking of the developer, Bethesda confirms they’re still the publisher of the game. However, id Software isn’t the developer of the Switch port. Panic Button is actually the developer behind the port of Doom. In addition to porting Doom, Panic Button is also working with Psyonix to bring Rocket League to the Nintendo Switch.

Sadly, Doom does not feature motion-controls similar to Splatoon 2. Sorry to dash the hopes and dreams of some players. The interview with RollingStone also confirmed that motion-controls will not be in the Nintendo Switch port.

Doom on the Nintendo Switch is set to release during holiday 2017.