If you want to see the “true” ending of Dead Rising 4, you’ll have to buy the Frank Rising DLC.

It’s been a Dead Rising tradition to provide multiple endings. The ‘best’ or ‘true’ ending is usually unlocked after meeting required conditions in the course of completing the game. Players unlocked Overtime Mode in the first game if they had “completed every case and spoken to Isabela after receiving her transmission at 10:00AM before heading to the Heliport for the 12:00PM pick up.” source

In Overtime Mode, players had 24 hours to find a cure for Frank’s infection, which sounds very similar to the upcoming DLC…

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising: In this DLC, Frank West is freshly infected and needs to find a cure before he becomes a zombie and is lost forever. (via Capcom)

Reddit user MongooseJesus corroborated the claim

“Completed it yesterday for review purposes and to say the ending feels incomplete is a little bit of an understatement. This news explains so much.”

The first ending

If you’d like the first ending spoiled. Here it is

The uploader commented

“OKAY! So to clarify, I was concerned this maybe the bad ending or not true ending as well. This is from an 80 hour playthrough, every side quest completed, every safe house reached, ALMOST every blueprint (they are a bitch) found and created.”

A post-game narration even states

“If Frank could have it his way…this is where the story would end…”

Not exactly conclusive.

Capcom testing fans

Game publishers are out to make money, that’s a simple fact. Adding the consensus best ending to the paid DLC is a way for them to add value by potentially sacrificing value from the base game.

Angry fans have posted on Reddit and other forums, but the real test will be sales. If Capcom is satisfied with their profit they could easily continue this trend to other games.

Gamers must vote with their wallet if they want to see change.

How would you vote? Does this matter to you?



    1. You’ve got me, I can’t prove in a court of law that the “true” ending is only available on DLC. I agree that “will” should be changed to “could” or perhaps “allegedly” to fit our legalese theme.

      But when a mode that has gotten the ‘best’ ending in every previous Dead Rising is now paid DLC, I feel confident going out on a limb and proclaiming the traditional ‘best’ ending will cost you money.

      Watching the lackluster base-game ending and hearing the narration “if Frank could have it his way…this is where the story would end” supports this theory for me.

      Thanks for the comment as I feel the title is improved.


    2. 4 months on and most of the people who were moaning at those moaning about the true ending being a DLC look like dicks.

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