Great news hunters and hunted! Dead by Daylight is having another free weekend on Steam right now.

Anyone who would like to give the slasher game a try can do so for free this entire weekend starting today. In addition to this, the game is currently on sale at 50% off until Monday. Giving players a few days to test out the game and see if it’s worth a purchase. However, the sale is ending relatively early so players might find they run out of time to purchase the game if they only give it a try on Sunday.

For those who don’t know what Dead by Daylight is, it’s a game with a very simple premise. It’s a 4v1 online multiplayer game where four survivors attempt to escape the map. The catch is that there’s an overpowered serial killer hunting them down. Each killer in the game is unique with their own special abilities. Such as the Trapper who is able to place bear traps around the map. In addition to this, the survivors in the game are all unique also.

Each character in the game has special perks which are unlocked by levelling up that character through playing with them. Once that character reaches a certain level, their perks can be taught to another survivor. It allows for a large amount of customization even though it can be a bit of a grind to reach that stage.

All of the DLC for the game is currently included in the sale so this is the perfect time to grab some of those Chapters and the cosmetic packs. Anyone who’s been waiting for a sale to purchase either of the DLC killers can finally do so. The latest killer to be added to the game is the Huntress. She’s available for free, check out her trailer below.

Dead by Daylight is also available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The free weekend, however, is limited to the Steam version of the game.