Back in September, Activision announced that their space combat PSVR game Jackal Assault would be free if you purchased Infinite Warfare for Sony’s console. They’ve since upped the ante to allow any PS4 owner (with PSVR of course) to play the game completely free starting November 4th (Infinite Warfare’s release date).

What is Jackal Assault you ask?


…a PlayStation VR mission that immerses you in the cockpit of a Jackal, the personal, multi-role fighter jet in the game. Take the controls and enjoy Call of Duty for the first time in virtual reality.

So basically a VR version of this.


To me this sounds like the closest I can get to TIE Fighter VR until Battlefront X-Wing VR is released this holiday.


VR presents numerous design challenges but cockpit experiences always seem like a sure thing. Developers needn’t worry about movement in a game if sitting on your couch can so easily translate to sitting in an X-Wing.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare surprised many with its E3 trailer reveal. By keeping the identity of the game hidden they fooled many into thinking the space setting, capital and fighter ships were apart of the newest Mass Effect. It wasn’t until the jarring murder commonly found in COD that reality set in and the dislikes flew.

I for one am incredibly excited for this latest iteration. With a new COD every year it’s refreshing to see them try something so bold. It’s not just the space setting either, but the ability to choose missions and pilot a Jackal with full 360 degree freedom that makes this one feel totally different. The free offering of Jackal Assault is bold as well. You have to think the developers are banking that the experience is so intoxicating it will win new fans over.

It might not be for the squeamish however, as Gamespot reported on sept. 6th that “Jackal Assault VR made us sick“. VR games can easily cause motion sickness if the performance dips below certain thresholds and PSVR is the weakest of the big three. Hopefully these kinks have been worked out in time for launch and aspiring pilots won’t be reaching for the sick bag.


Would more flight combat games encourage you to buy PSVR?


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