Paradox Interactive has just announced the release date for the upcoming Mass Transit expansion. The new DLC will provide players with more transportation options for their citizens to travel around the city in style. The trailer for Mass Transit reveals that it will include a ferry, cable car, monorail and also a blimp. However, the trailer doesn’t go into any detail about what this expansion will contain.


According to the description in the new trailer there will be a “blimp-load of new features” in this expansion. GameSpot states that the new Cities: Skylines expansion will include new road types, scenarios and landmarks also. Players will be able to earn money with these unique new methods of transportation.

Mass Transit will be released later this year in May. The new trailer confirms that it will be getting a release this May on the 18th for PC however, there’s no word on a Xbox One release.

Cities: Skylines will be coming to the Xbox One later this month. The popular city building game will be arriving on April 21st for with the games first DLC, After Dark. The expansion contains a large number of new tourist, nightlife, city services and transportation options. The After Dark expansion places focus on nightlife and night time activities but also includes some tourist based activities.

There’s also no word on a Xbox One release for the other DLC expansions however. Paradox Interactive hasn’t provided any hints about if or when the other expansions will be available for Xbox One. It’s currently uncertain if the developer will release the other expansions for the Xbox One version of the game. Hopefully the developer will release a statement later this year.

We will provide you with updates when we learn more about the Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines later this year.