Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities: Skylines will be coming to Xbox One later this month. The developer has revealed that Tantalus Media assisted in the development of the console version of the game to optimize the game for controller support.

Xbox One players will be able to build and mange their own city now that the game will be released for that platform. The developer has also confirmed that the Xbox One edition of Cities: Skylines will include the After Dark expansion. This expansion adds tourism and nightlife options to the game. However, the other expansions will not be coming to the Xbox One just yet. The developer hasn’t announced if and when these expansions will arrive.

In other Cities: Skylines news, the next DLC is preparing to launch on PC. The next expansion is called Mass Transit and has been confirmed to be focused around transportation. The new DLC will offer new transportation across towns by land, sea and air however, the exact details haven’t been confirmed yet.


The trailer for the new DLC shows that a cable car, ferry, blimps, monorails and more will be coming to the game. It doesn’t got into detail about each of these new modes of transport however. The description for the trailer confirms that a free update will be coming alongside the DLC. The free update adds “mod-inspired features” to the game. This includes an extended public transport budget and emergency vehicles overtaking cars on the road.

Mass Transit currently doesn’t have a release date yet. The developer is expected to announce the release date over the next few weeks.

Cities: Skylines is currently available for all operating systems on PC. The Xbox One version of the game will be launching later this month on April 21st. A Windows 10 store version will also be launching alongside the Xbox One version later this month.