The first installment in Nintendo’s newest IP is done receiving major updates, the company confirmed today. ARMS, a quirky motion-control fighting game exclusive to Nintendo Switch, hasn’t been out for very long, but its team has released its last content update with Version 5.0’s new character, stage, weapons, and performance improvements.

“As a major update, this one [Version 5.0] will be the last update,” Nintendo stated in a blog post. “Of course, we will continue to adjust the game’s balance in the future, so I hope you will continue to enjoy ARMS.”

Basically the company will continue to fix any bugs or other issues in the game, but don’t expect new content for ARMS. Although this sounds like bad news for players, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, fans can rest easy knowing the team behind ARMS is also the team that develops Mario Kart titles for the Big N. This news could potentially mean a new racing game — or perhaps an ARMS sequel — is in the works.

If you missed the latest ARMS update, you should power up your Switch now, because the 5.0 update added a brand new fighter named Dr. Coyle, along with her new weapons and her stage called “[NAME REDACTED]” — yes, that is the actual name and not something we had to redact. Just to be clear there.

Although major updates have ended, rest assured knowing the ARMS team is hard at work on more great games. Stay tuned to A9K for the latest gaming news, Nintendo and beyond.

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