A new update has hit Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and lots of new spring-themed content is in store for the app game, though Nintendo hasn’t officially revealed everything yet. Thanks to dataminer bluesun and redditor SenorDeeebs, we’ve been able to peek inside the update files, which show a fishing tournament, a garden event featuring Leif,  new furniture, and more!

According to the datamine shared on RedditPocket Camp will be seeing a plethora of floral, springtime events and items soon. We don’t know exactly when all the new content will go live, but spring starts on February 25th in Animal Crossing: New Leaf so expect the snow to melt away and at least part of the update to become available in the next few days.

The Fishing Tourney, which was confirmed by Nintendo in Pocket Camp‘s Notices section, will feature special new fish and resident fish expert, Chip the beaver. Players will be able to earn clothing and furniture items as rewards based on the amount and size of the fish you bring to Chip.

More animals are making their way to the game as well, with a new type of essence and more furniture to go with them. Villagers Curt, Drago, Bill, Margie, and Gladys are on their way, along with the owl NPC Celeste, who will be purchasable like Tom Nook and K.K. Slider. The new Harmonious essence will come with several Eastern-themed amenities and furniture to unlock.

The upcoming garden event will feature this writer’s favorite Animal Crossing NPC Leif, a happy, sleepy sloth who loves all things nature. The event’s details aren’t clear, but the datamine shows new flower breeds, clothing, and floral furniture themed around springtime.

For more details on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s upcoming features and images to go with them, check out the recent datamine posted on Reddit, and stay tuned to A9K for more of the latest gaming news.


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