AGDQ 2018: Day Seven Recap

After a week of great speedruns and charitable donations, we’ve reached the end of AGDQ 2018.  I had a great time covering the event throughout the week, and had a great time sharing my favorite runs with you.  The last day of the event was jam packed with amazing runs, featuring some big titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario World.  The early morning had fan favorites like Kirby and Super Mario Land 2, with the rest of the morning being RPG centric.  The day held brutally difficult games like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, and the end of the night featured aforementioned big hitters.  As the donation total grew and grew, the list of great speedruns piled even higher.  Let’s take a look at the best speedruns from day seven of AGDQ 2018.

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If you missed any of these runs, or any of the other days’ runs, you can watch replays on the Games Done Quick Youtube channel.  Keep an eye out for SGDQ 2018 in the summer, as I’m sure we’ll be covering that as well.

The Best Runs of AGDQ 2018: Day Seven

Princess Rescue (any%) by darbian

AGDQ 2018 Princess Rescue

Princess Rescue was supposed to be run earlier in the week, but unfortunately darbian had been feeling a bit under the weather.  Despite this, darbian was able to pull through and show off this copyright-infringing Atari 2600 game.  Paired with the consistently interesting commentary of Blechy, darbian took us through this Super Mario Brothers rip off in style.  It’s a short run, clocking in at just over 5 minutes, packing quite a bit of fun in its runtime.

Final time: 6:43

Mass Effect (any%) by letterswords

AGDQ 2018 Mass Effect

I really love the Mass Effect series.  I was disappointed by Mass Effect: Andromeda, and haven’t returned to the series since.  Runner letterswords reminded me why my heart beats hard for the series, taking us through the many planets of the original game.  From the Citadel and beyond, letterswords busted out of bounds, engaged in exciting combat, and did a great job explaining things along the way.  If you’ve never played Mass Effect, I honestly recommend you play it before watching this run.  However, fans of the game will be delighted with letterswords’ enjoyable journey

Final time: 1:44:22

Dark Souls 3 (Any% no Teardrop and Blindfolded Bosses) by SayviTV

AGDQ 2018 Dark Souls 3 Blind

Dark Souls 3 may not be the hardest Dark Souls title in the series, but it’s still damn hard.  Runner SayviTV absolutely demolished the gothic hack n slash with a swift hand, but the truly mindblowing stuff took place after the main run.  Once SayviTV wrapped up her run of the main game (clocking in at just over an hour), she loaded up some specific bosses and beat them to a pulp… blindfolded.  Utilizing sound cues, she parried and countered to victory, all without opening her eyes.  Blindfolded stuff is always awesome to watch, and Dark Souls blindfolded is a special kind of torment for only the most patient of runners.

Final time: 1:01:45

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Randomizer, No Glitches, Race) by Andy and ChristosOwen

AGDQ 2018 Link to the Past

If you’ve never seen a randomizer run of Link to the Past, you’re really missing out.  Ultra-fans of this Super Nintendo classic will get the most enjoyment out of the run, but even casual players will have a blast checking it out.  Using no glitches, runners Andy and ChristosOwen raced to collect a specific set of items.  The catch?  All of the items are in random locations, and the runners had no clue where they would be.  This kind of run requires a hefty amount of improvisation and on-the-fly decisions, making for a unique race.  If you like Link to the Past, don’t miss this run.

Final time: 1:42:40

Super Dram World 2 (100%) by grandpoobear

AGDQ 2018 Super Dram World 2

Grandpoobear is ridiculously good at Super Mario games.  Super Dram World 2 is a romhack of Super Mario World, and is essentially the craziest Mario level you’ve ever seen.  To call this game difficult would be an absolute understatement; nearly impossible would be a better representation.  Grandpoobear showed off a fundamental mastery of Super Mario World‘s mechanics, flying through levels that normally take multiple hours to get down casually.  The level of skill on display here is unbelievable, and like zallard1’s Punch-out abilities, I’m being to believe that grandpoobear’s are superhuman as well.

Final time: 49:34

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (All Main Quests) by ATZ

AGDQ 2018 Breath of the Wild

AGDQ 2018 is the first year to feature a full Breath of the Wild run, and it served as an amazing finale to an excellent marathon.  Runner ATZ took us through the entire main questline, showing off shrines, dungeons, and plenty of exploration.  ATZ did a great job showing off the game’s expansive options throughout his four hour run, dipping into crafting and the like.  He amped up the difficulty by playing on Master Mode, the hardest difficulty in the game.  Like Mass Effect, I recommend you play the game before watching this speedrun, but even people with no knowledge of Breath of the Wild will have a great time checking out ATZ’s run.

Final time: 3:59:04

Full Recap & Donation Tally

The runs above were just a small selection of what the day had to offer, so don’t worry if none of them sound interesting to you.  I highly recommend you check out this full list of what the day had to offer, and check out any runs that seem interesting!

AGDQ 2018 Day Seven Recap 1AGDQ 2018 Day Seven Recap 2

As the event came to a close, all of the donations were tallied up and totaled out.  Throughout ATZ’s run, the counter slowly rose over $2,000,000.  Once the curtains had finally drawn, the total sat at an all-time high, thanks to the generous donations from all the viewers.  We’ll see you back with more recaps when SGDQ 2018 starts in the summer.  Until then, thanks for reading our recaps, and have a great new year!

SGDQ 2018 Dates

Final donation total: $2,261,800+


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