War of the Chosen

The Tactical Legacy Pack for XCOM 2 has made its way to Windows, Linux and Mac OS and is free to all owners of War of the Chosen until 12:59pm Eastern Standard Time on 3rd December 2018. The pack includes a collection of new game modes, maps, weapons, armors, and Photobooth, soundtrack, and customization options.

XCOM Creative Director Jake Solomon said in a video posted on YouTube “We wanted to do something for all the amazing fans who’ve supported the XCOM series so faithfully”. You can watch the full video below that outlines all the features the new pack includes.

If you are yet to pick up War of the Chosen, Steam currently have it on sale. For those new, there’s also a sweet bundle deal which includes the base game, expansion pack and all four DLC that’s discounted by 60%.


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