Xbox One S

We could see the new Xbox One S sooner than originally thought.

Xbox One S

It may not be all doom and gloom for the Xbox One S. When the newer, slimmer Xbox One was revealed at this year’s E3, we were pretty perplexed by Microsoft’s decision to close the show by talking up Project Scorpio. It seemed counter-productive to unveil a newer iteration of the current console that they still want everyone to purchase, and then to follow up with a promise that the most powerful console in the world would be coming out about a year later. What incentive do we have to buy an Xbox One S? Well, it seems plenty of you have found that incentive as Microsoft reports that Xbox One S pre-orders are doing “amazingly” well. What Microsoft hasn’t told us, though, is when to expect the console to hit store shelves.

We know the initial model will be releasing in August, and according to a couple of new leaks we may be seeing it sooner than originally thought. Amazon Spain posted a listing earlier today showing the 2TB model with a release date of August 2. This corroborates a separate listing from EB Games, which also shows the console as launching August 2. We haven’t receiveed any official word from Microsoft at this point, and the North American Amazon store still shows a placeholder date of August 31 for the 2TB model. The 500GB and 1TB models still have their placeholder date of December 31, but Microsoft has confirmed that they will launch in the fall.

As soon as we get an official word from Microsoft we’ll let you guys know, but if you’re planning on picking up the 2TB model, you may want to go ahead and place your pre-orders now.

Source: WCCF Tech