Microsoft sure made a big deal at E3 about their new “Play Anywhere” initiative. If a customer buys a Cross-Play title, they’ll gain access to it on both Xbox and Windows 10. This is a nice gesture for those that already own both platforms, but we know Microsoft isn’t in this to be nice.

So how could giving the consumer more bang for their buck be a bad idea?

Imagine yourself the owner of a killer gaming PC. You love gaming and have enough cash to buy a console. But now that the flagship exclusive XB1 games are also available on Windows 10 what’s the point of buying an Xbox? To play games you already own in another room? Exclusive titles are arguably the biggest selling point of a console and Microsoft just cannibalized their own library. A PC gamer buying either a PS4 or Nintendo system is now getting the widest possible access to as many games as possible.

Comparatively speaking, Vita/PS4 cross-play makes more sense. A Vita can be played just about anywhere, and the ability to continue a PS4 game away from home is very useful. An Xbox is near the same size of a PC and both require a monitor to play. So you can “Play Anywhere” if a tv/monitor/outlet are also available.

I suppose Microsoft is gaining goodwill from this move, and because of the video embedded above and their disastrous launch, they’ve had a long way to climb back. But this business is about selling consoles and games, and they’ve just given consumers many reasons to purchase elsewhere.


Has Play Anywhere influenced you to buy either an XB1 or PC? If so, let us know in the comments below.



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