Xbox Deals with Gold – April 25 to May 2nd

Metroidvania, Cyberpunk, Sports, Marvel, and more are ripe for the picking with this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold (doesn’t roll off the tongue).

(table via xboxsector * denotes availability for Gold members only)

Axiom Verge is a highlight for those that haven’t yet played the modern take on classic Metroid. Dex is a side-scrolling cyberpunk RPG we rarely see. I bounced off of it while struggling with keyboard controls for its intricate melee, but would welcome a chance to try with a controller.

Forza 6 is one of the best in-class. THPS 5 holds up the other end of the spectrum as one of the worst.

WWE 2k17  is a mediocre wrestling game but WWE fans have little alternative. It could be worth grabbing at 50% off.

Gaming last-gen?

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