WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch Seth Rollins

Yes you read correctly that the next addition of the wrestling game series from 2K Sports will be available on the Switch, ending a five year absence from Nintendo consoles. The news was announced on the WWE website as well as a video from WWE and 2K18 cover Superstar Seth Rollins on their WWE YouTube channel.

Rollins says in the video “We heard you, we listened, and we delivered. Finally ,WWE video games are back on Nintendo platforms… For me as a long time Nintendo fan, and an avid gamer this is very exciting news because as you know WWE Superstars are always on the go, always on the road. Now I can play at home, or I can take my Switch on the road, play at the arena, play on the plane, play in the car. The action never stops!…”. Perfect timing for you Seth after a disappointing loss at Great Balls of Fire.

The post does not go into detail on whether there will be any unique features for the 2K18 Switch version or if it won’t include any of the features on the PS4 and Xbox One versions. It does go onto say that it will include the Kurt Angle pre-order bonus like the PS4 and Xbox One offers.

WWE 2K18 this year will feature new 8 superstar matches, a larger backstage area, new weight detection and grapple carry systems and more. Hopefully some thought has gone into integrating with the Switch’s HD rumble, multiplayer link and other capabilities. 8 Switch, 32 Royal Rumble match maybe?

Wrestling video games could really do with a lift as recent games have struggled to compare with classic titles. Will the Switch run down to the ring, perform some moves, and come to the rescue? Rollins certainly thinks so.

Are you excited to see a wrestling game finally come to Nintendo? Let us know your thoughts!

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