More details on what you can do with the Creation Suite in WWE 2k17.

For all you wrestling fans out there here’s some news on the upcoming WWE 2k17. Today 2k released a Creation Suite Trailer. The trailer goes through what we already knew to expect. The Create a Superstar, Create a Championship, Create an Arena, Create an Entrance and Create a Show are all in there. Each have new options than last years game such as going to work on your wrestlers teeth. Two new modes have also been added to the Suite. Create a Victory and Create a Move Set.

The amount of options that can be applied to your WWE superstar is quite impressive. If you have the patience and time you can go into great detail. I still enjoy making the wrestlers physique look all out of whack and frail but still be able to knock down any opponent. It just never gets old.

The trailer for you to watch is below and full information about the Creation Suite can be read on 2K’s site here.



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