Update:  Bug has since been patched.

Developer Deck 13 recently released the sci-fi Dark Souls equivalent, The SurgeBesides digging into Injustice 2, The Surge has taken up the majority of my week.  As I approached the end of the game however, I was hit with a game breaking bug.  If you’ve experienced it, you might refer to it as the “Creo Security Rig Glitch”.  If you don’t, well now you can (I’m kind of a trend setter).  The bug revolves around the inability to pick up a mandatory item to progress the story.  The thing that doubles up the frustration is The Surge‘s lack of multiple save slots, but rather one auto-save slot.  The bug has been recorded on PC and Xbox One versions, with nothing from PS4 users yet.

My full scored review will be delayed due to this bug (and my lack of motivation to replay 20 hours), but so far I’ve found it to be a mixed bag.  The combat system is inventive and unique, although the art direction can be a bit dull.  It’s a step up from Deck 13’s first outing, Lords of the Fallen, but not quite as good as the Souls franchise.  Mat Falvai and I discussed my thoughts on a recent episode of GameThinkTalk, which you can find below.

Alas, good news from the developer, who were quick to respond when I reached out to them on Twitter.  In a follow up email, support let me know that the developers are currently aware of the issue and testing a fix to repair affected saves.  They weren’t to provide me solid details on a release for the patch other than “a few days”, but it’s good to hear they’re diligently attempting to fix the problem.

For those who may be closing in on the end of the game and want to know where the bug takes place, I’ll detail that below the picture.  Consider the rest of the articles light spoilers for boss names, and loot names.

The Surge Firebug
Wowie, look at that big ol boss guy!

In the second last area of the game (The Executive Forums), you’ll fight the penultimate boss Black Cerberus.  After defeating him, you enter the room which he entered from, and enter a vent tunnel through a mesh grating.  Inside, there is a green “overcharge” computer which you can interact with.  Overcharging the computer will open a locker back in the Operations base, containing the Creo Security Rig.  This rig is required to continue into the finale area, and is also the last large upgrade for your rig.

The Surge Title

Unfortunately, you may return to Operations to see the floating Rig, somehow unable to be picked up.  Deck 13 isn’t exactly sure what is causing the glitch, but it pretty much stops the game dead in its tracks.  I’m at about 21 hours with the finale area on the horizon.  For now, I think I’ll move onto Injustice 2.  Don’t forget to check back once the patch has released for my final score on The Surge!


    Just got stuck here.. ugh. I was running around the executive forum for an hour before i gave in and looked it up. Glad i did, was just wasting my time. I like the game but how does this get past QA?

    • Matthew Owen


      Sorry to hear you experienced this as well. I hope you found my article quickly; I was up for at least 2 hours searching reddit and wikis to see if my issue was unique. I’m glad that you were able to see read this and get some piece of mind.

      In case you didn’t see the update (but saw this), Xbox One patch is estimated to release end of week, Thursday night at the earliest.

      Thanks for reading, and I hope to chat with you soon!