This is the best Steam sale of the year, so don’t miss out!

steam summer sale

PC gamers: prepare your wallets and cling to what remains of your self-control. Valve hasn’t announced anything officially, but we know through multiple leaks (most reliably from PayPal) that the Steam Summer Sale kicks off tomorrow, June 23. Depending on when you read this it may have already begun. This is the happiest two weeks of the entire year for budget-conscious gamers like myself because, unlike most sales where you might see some struggling indie games get 10-15% knocked off of the list price, Steam offers up some of the most popular and top-selling games for huge discounts.

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We’re talking games from series like The Witcher, Call of Duty, Saints Row, Civilization, Final Fantasy, and more. If you want to buy Terraria for the 3DS you’re going to pay $20 USD, but last year during the summer sale I was able to get it for less than $4. This sale is no joke. I guarantee that every day you’re going to see at least two or three AAA games that you’ve been wanting to play for less than ten dollars, and that’s the glory and the danger of the Steam Summer Sale. Because you can save so much money, you end up spending SO MUCH MONEY.

For those of you who may have never participated in the sale before, here’s something to remember: It’s worth checking Steam at least twice a day to see what’s on offer. Every single day there are certain games featured in the sale, but there are flash sales as well. Additionally, polls are held where the community gets to vote for certain games to be featured, and from there some of the greatest deals are borne. If you don’t see the game you want straight away keep checking – you may have to vote for it, and your vote can make that $30 difference. Have fun, and for heaven’s sake set some boundaries.

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