PS4 Elite Controller Patent

Some patents suggest a possible PS4 “elite” controller with paddles and customized layouts.

PS4 Elite Controller Patent

Last generation I was an Xbox 360 guy. I had a PS3 as well, but whenever a multi-plat came along I would always opt for the Xbox version – mainly because I had more achievements than I had trophies, and I just loved the Xbox 360 controller. The PS3 controller, in my opinion, was never very comfortable. Having convex thumb-sticks was a huge design flaw, especially since the sticks were symmetrical and required a little bit of stretch to rest on; that makes reaching for the face buttons and d-pad a bit of a chore. The PS4’s DualShock 4 is a huge improvement, but it’s still not the best. This generation I’m gaming primarily on a PS4, and that controller has presented the biggest barrier for acclimation.

But, if some patents filed back in January are to be believed, Sony could be working on a brand new controller. Pictures show a DualShock 4 with various additional buttons, including paddles along the inner sides of the grips. It also seems like the d-pad and thumb-sticks could be positioned to your liking. I for one would love asymmetrical sticks and a smaller d-pad with the tactile feel similar to the Vita’s d-pad. While patents certainly don’t guarantee that a product actually gets produced and sold, this would be great news for PS4 owners if it pans out.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Though the original Xbox controller was enormous and unwieldy, ever since the advent of the Xbox 360 controller Microsoft has produced the best, most comfortable controllers in the world. This is especially true of the Xbox One Elite Controller: a premium, customizable controller that was so popular you couldn’t find one for a couple of months after it was released. Until Microsoft started producing its Elite Controller, you had to resort to expensive third-party alternatives from companies like SCUF if you wanted the added convenience of paddles, better grips, and custom sticks.

Sony has fallen far behind in terms of quality input devices, so I’m hoping these patents turn out to be more than just patents. Some industry insiders are hinting that we might see this new controller launch alongside the PS4 Neo, which I would be totally fine with as long as we can purchase them separately. What about you guys: is this something you’ve been waiting for, or are you perfectly content with your current DualShock 4? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Push Square