Have you been thinking about investing in a virtual reality system but can’t decide if it’s worth the money? Join the club. Sony has realized consumers like the idea of VR but hesitate to invest the cash in such a new type of gaming technology. To try to get the product into people’s hands, Sony has launched a trial program for the PlayStation 4 PSVR to let select players give the system a test drive before making the monetary commitment.

Today, Sony sent out emails to some PS Plus members inviting them to “try PlayStation VR at home for free.” Players can keep the system for up to two weeks and either return it or keep it and pay for it. The trial package includes a PSVR, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and the VR Demo Disc 2.0 — all contents of the current $450 PSVR Skyrim bundle. The trial requires the use of a credit card and places a $300 hold on participating members’ accounts. If you decide to keep the bundle — or don’t return it 10 days after your trial ends — you’ll be charged $300. Pretty sweet deal for a $450 bundle.

Unfortunately, all the slots for the PSVR trial bundle have been filled at this time, but Sony’s new marketing plan presents some hope for the future. This is the first time the PSVR has been offered up for an at-home free trial, and it makes sense Sony would start by extending it to PS Plus members. If this campaign proves successful, maybe the company will offer PSVR trials to all PS Plus members, not just a select few.

PlayStation VR originally launched in October 2016 with a slightly updated model released this October. The latest PSVR title is the fan-favorite fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which comes in the trial bundle. Read some detailed thoughts on Skyrim VR in our review of the game.

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