Sonic Generations 2

A new Sonic Generations has been confirmed for Nintendo’s next home console.

Sonic Generations 2

The Sonic 25th Anniversary Party was a beautiful, hilarious train-wreck. So many things went wrong during the stream. The audio was messed up. The guests were awkward. It was poorly scripted. But damn if that wasn’t the most fun I’ve had on the internet in a very long time. It was like watching a little kid’s school play – it was incredible because it was so bad. The night did have a few high points, though. Crush 40 came out and put on an fantastic (if not overly lengthy) concert, and we got a couple of new game announcements out of it.

The first game announced was Sonic Mania, which I think I’m most excited about. Throughout the night, though, the presenters kept teasing something for modern Sonic fans. We all knew that a new 3D Sonic game was going to be announced, but no one quite knew what it was going to be. My money was on a Sonic Adventure 3, but I was taken by surprise. The stream concluded with a very brief trailer for what Sega is currently calling Project Sonic 2017.

Sonic on NX

We’re not going to call it that; we’re going to call it Sonic Generations 2, because that’s exactly what it is. I’ll embed the trailer for you to enjoy below, but you’ll see the cross-generational Sonics teaming up once again to take on a new, robotic threat of some kind. Sonic Team has made some incredible games, most relevantly Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, so I have great faith that this will turn out to be something very special. You’ll notice at the end of the trailer that among the confirmed consoles sits a lowly and subtle “NX,” so this is one more game in the bag for Nintendo’s mysterious new home console. We expect to hear more soon, but for now you can look forward to a Holiday 2017 release. Check out the trailer below:

[fvplayer src=”–2xcKk” width=”560″ height=”315″]