P.T. was the “playable teaser” of the Silent Hills game that players were able to experience before the project was cancelled in 2015. Although it was short and only a snippet of the full experience, P.T. is still considered to be an incredible horror game. The Silent Hills reboot was an unfortunate loss in the nasty divorce between Hideo Kojima and Konami, but thanks to the power of fans, P.T. is back and ready to spook.

If you didn’t get around to downloading P.T. when it was available on PS4 in 2014, you now have the chance to check out the terrifying experience on PC. A couple remakes have surfaced recently, and one uses Unreal Engine 4 to make P.T. playable again. This remake from SmoggyChips is called Corridors, and it’s still a work in progress, so expect some bugs. You can download it on PC here, and you can see it being worked on in the below video, which also includes a bit of gameplay. The creator plans to add more levels to the game in the future once the initial, remake is fine-tuned.

Another remake comes from Redditor LinusPixel, who has extracted animation, map, and texture files from the original game and pieced them together in a new engine. This P.T. remake might be a bit more difficult to set up, but you can download the prototype of the game from this website. Again, these remakes are only playable on PC, not PlayStation like the original.

Both P.T. remakes are in early stages of development and don’t have any new content just yet, but Silent Hills and horror fans alike will be happy to have any sort of playable version of this frightening experience. We’ll keep you updated as development continues.

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