Last year saw the reboot of one of my — and many others’ — favorite classic game franchises, Crash Bandicoot. Activision remastered all three games in the series and released them as a single PlayStation-exclusive title, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Since launch, the game has sold millions of copies and proven very successful for Activision. So, what’s next?

A new rumor suggests that a lot is in the works for the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Max Arguile, Licensing Manager of GB Eye, a European merchandising company, recently went on record in the Licensing Source Book Europe to share what Activision has planned for the beloved video game marsupial (via ResetEra).

Arguile mentioned three major bits of Crash Bandicoot news:

  • Activision will release N. Sane Trilogy on Switch and PC in 2018.
  • There’s a new Crash game coming in 2019.
  • Activision has plans for Crash titles through 2022.

That’s a lot to take in, but none of it is incredibly surprising given N. Sane Trilogy‘s success on PS4. Separate rumors have hinted at an Xbox One port, but Arguile did not mention one in his statement. If he is to be believed, we will see the remastered Crash games on Nintendo Switch and PC this year — and possibly news of brand new titles, including a restart of the whole series.

Activision has not commented on any of Arguile’s statements involving the Crash Bandicoot series, so this is all just rumor at this point. However, it seems completely possible that Activision would publish new Crash games developed by Vicarious Visions, who did a stellar job building the N. Sane Trilogy. I think Switch and PC ports are no shock, and an Xbox version also seems like a no brainer.

We could see some reveals from Activison at E3 2018 this June in a number of presentations, including Nintendo’s for a Switch port and Sony’s for new titles in development. We’ll keep you up to date on any Crash Bandicoot news, so check back with A9K for the latest.

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