…albiet, through PlayStation Now.


Rockstar announced today that their popular Western action-adventure game will be available on PlayStation Now December 6th, 2016. PS Now is Sony’s cloud gaming service that offers PS3 titles for streaming on PS4 and PC. You can either pay for a subscription to the service or rent games individually.

PC gamers have long begged for their version of Red Dead Redemption. It released in May 2010 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and never made the jump to PC. The game is considered to have one of the best open worlds in the industry, so of course a massive group of gamers wants it for their system. Obviously, installing mods will not be an option on a PS Now Red Dead Redemption, so PC gamers aren’t really getting everything they’re wanting with this release.


With the PS Now version of Redemption also comes the popular Undead Nightmare expansion. This expansion introduces a spookier environment, a zombie-themed single-player campaign, and a Horde-style multi-player mode, pictured above.

Red Dead Redemption is already available to play on Xbox One, thanks to its backwards compatibility with the 360. The PS4 has no such compatibility, making the costly PS Now the only option for playing PS3 games on the most current system. It also allows PC owners to play PlayStation titles without buying a Sony console.

PS Now offers only PS3 games… for now. “There are some amazing games for PS1 and PS2 and our longer term vision is to go back further into the PlayStation generational library and offer those with PlayStation Now,” the streaming service’s Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi said on the PlayStation blog.

Red Dead has also been in the news recently in wake of Rockstar’s long-awaited sequel announcement. Red Dead Redemption 2 is planned to launch in late 2017. Check out the trailer below!

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