Review Round-up: Red Dead Redemption 2

Reviews from websites and magazines have been released all across the world for Red Dead Redemption 2 and overall the game has received critical acclaim.

The hype up until the release of the game was huge and you can’t blame people for being so excited considering RDR2 has been in development for 8 years. Despite the anticipation and hype, was happy to see it deliver all they could ask for and more:

“Red Dead Redemption 2 brings to life the most vivid, immersive and alive Game World we’ve ever seen. The realistic gameplay mechanics, the smooth interaction with the NPCs and the game’s atmosphere send the gaming value of this title sky high. No matter the hype, no matter the wait, no matter the promotion, this game gives back to the gamers the lost hundreds of hours of contemporary repetitive gaming. In RDR2, every hour is pure gold.”

Recent criticism of Rockstar Games’ “Culture Of Crunch” from a report released by Kotaku has been highlighted in the review from The Daily Dot and reminds readers of workers’ struggles:

“Just as the countless reviews for this cowboy simulator will pontificate on how Rockstar may have just created the most “alive” world of this generation, none of it should ignore that an actual team of human beings reportedly sacrificed and struggled to breathe life into it.”

Slack Magazine praised the environment Rockstar has created in Red Dead Redemption 2 but criticised their ability to tell a captivating story:

“For as adept as Rockstar is at placing you within a wonderful, lavish world and letting you move within it, they’re still figuring out how to say all that much about it.”

Here at A 90s Kid we’ve decided to skip the high liner train and have our review by Matthew Owen out soon. You can see a full list of reviews via Metacritic which gives it an overall score of 97.

If you’re keen to check out some gameplay footage here’s our playthrough of the game hosted by Mat Falvai. Beware, there are spoilers.


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