Rayman Origins

Uplay continues its 30-year anniversary celebration with more free games.

Rayman Origins

Uplay is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in the best way possible: by giving us free games. In June we got Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, last month saw Splinter Cell, and soon we’ll be getting Rayman Origins. There are two things to keep in mind. First, these games will only be available for free for a month. Right now you can still grab Splinter Cell, but on August 17 it will be swapped out for Rayman Origins. The other thing to keep in mind is you’ll have to get these games through Uplay, which isn’t so bad considering most of you PC gamers probably already have a Uplay account.

Rayman Origins is undoubtedly the best game Ubisoft has given us so far. Origins, across all of the various platforms on which it was released, scored between 87 and 92 on metacritic. The game originally came out in 2011, and man does it hold up. It’s still a fantastic platformer, and it’s still one of the better looking platformers even today.

Origins 2

Rayman Origins was the first game to use Ubisoft’s proprietary UbiArt Framework, a 2.5D game engine built from the ground up to be easy to work with, and to look gorgeous. It’s superbly optimized for HD resolutions, and Rayman Origins looks and runs great on every platform, including PC where you’ll be able to scoop it up for free. Child of Light and Valiant Heats also utilize UbiArt, and those are both incredible looking games as well – but I digress. Look for Rayman Origins on August 17, and we’ll be sure to remind you when next month’s free game rolls around!