We’re even more conflicted about choosing our starter Pokémon now.

Nintendo recently posted a video revealing the second stage evolutions of the starter Pokémon from the upcoming Sun and Moon games, set to release on November 18th.

Rowlet → Dartrix

The Grass and Flying-type Rowlet’s second stage is called Dartrix. Like Rowlet, Dartrix still greatly resembles a white, brown, and green owl. However, it is a bit bigger than its basic stage and has more leafy features. Dartrix is known as the Blade Quill Pokémon and retained Rowlet’s Overgrow ability.

Litten → Torracat

The Fire-type starter Litten’s evolution was revealed as Torracat, a fierce-looking red and black cat with yellow eyes. Torracat, categorized as the Fire Cat Pokémon, kept Litten’s ability Blaze.

Popplio → Brionne

Water-type Popplio’s second stage is Brionne, the Pop Star Pokémon. Brionne is a seal of a lighter blue than Popplio and has a rather ruffly skirt on its torso. Like Dartrix and Torracat, Brionne has the same ability as its basic form: Torrent.

Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne will have third and final evolutions, like starter Pokémon from all previous generations. However, such stages are unlikely to be revealed until SuMo‘s release date.

New Greninja Form with Demo Download

Also announced in Nintendo’s recent video is a SuMo demo that will be available from the Nintendo eShop on October 18th. As an incentive to download the demo, it will come with a new form of popular Water and Dark-type Greninja called Ash-Greninja. Ash-Greninja evolves in battle from a Greninja with the new ability Battle Bond. The form change happens after Greninja causes an enemy Pokémon to faint. It will return to a normal Greninja after the battle ends.

Have you changed your mind about which starter you’re leaning towards? Are you awaiting the demo release as excitedly as we are? Check out the official video below for in-game footage of the newly revealed Pokémon.

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