PlayStation trophies are finally serving a purpose beyond offering players the pride of a game well-played. Some changes to the Sony Rewards program now allow players to earn points towards discounts on the PlayStation store by unlocking those silver, gold, and platinum trophies. (U.S. only, sadly.)

Trophies are rewarded for completing specific tasks or goals in PlayStation games, much like Xbox’s achievements. Now, with Sony Rewards, earning trophies will let you rack up points to spend towards digital game discounts. Under the new terms, 100 silver trophies are worth 100 points, 25 gold trophies get you 250 points, and 10 platinum trophies award 1,000 points.

So what can you get for your hard-earned trophies? Sony is offering a $10 discount voucher on PlayStation Network for every 1,000 points earned. The catch is that you must be signed up for the Sony Rewards program and have your PlayStation Network account linked to it before earning the trophiesSo unfortunately all those trophies you’ve unlocked up to this point will not get you any discounts. Again, this deal is only available to U.S. players.

These new rewards are great, but they will take players time to acquire. Silver and gold trophies normally aren’t overly difficult to obtain, but you have to play through the whole game to earn all a title has to offer. Plus, you need to unlock all the silver and gold trophies to earn that game’s platinum trophy, so getting those 1,000 points for 10 platinum trophies is going to take some serious grinding.

The Sony Rewards program also offers discounts for signing up for PlayStation Network trials, subscribing to PlayStation Network services, and renting/ purchasing/ registering movies. Remember you have to link your account to Sony Rewards to receive the benefits. Happy grinding!


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