The developers of Perception has finally announced the release date for their unusual horror game, Perception. The first-person horror game will be releasing on May 30th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Players control a blind woman called Cassie Thornton who must traverse a mansion. However, a supernatural force called “The Presence” is residing in the house which will attack the player. While the player cannot see in the traditional sense, they can build up a view of their surroundings in several ways. The player can use sound to create a visualization of the world around them which is used to explore the house. However, the Presence seems to be attracted to noise. In addition to sound, the player also has access to a smartphone however the use of it hasn’t been explained just yet.

The aim of the game also hasn’t been explained. It seems to be a hide-and-seek style single player game. Despite now having a release date, information about this game is still very limited. Based on current information, it looks like players will need to solve puzzles and avoid the Presence.

It’s being developed by The Deep End Games. The project leaser is Bill Garner who worked for Irrational Games for more than a decade. His last game with them was BioShock Infinite where he took the role of design director.

The Deep End Games confirmed earlier this year that the game would be coming to consoles. This includes the Nintendo Switch however, this version of the game will be releasing later in the year. Anyone looking to get the game for the Switch should know there is currently no release date yet.

Perception will be released worldwide for PC, Xbox One and PS4. All platforms will be receiving the game on May 30th.