Try out the ZOWIE XL2735 at PAX Australia.

BenQ ZOWIE have announced that they will be at PAX Australia this November. PAX Australia will be the first national convention to feature ZOWIE. Their booth will include their latest eSports products.

There will be a range products on display for you to get your hands on. The XL2735 eSports monitor, RL2460 Console Monitor and their gaming mouse range. This seems like a great opportunity for players who want to see whether ZOWIE products can improve their performance.

The XL2735 is designed to “Enhance the competitive gaming experience, by introducing BenQ ZOWIE’s exclusive technology – Dynamic Accuracy”. Dynamic Accuracy or DyAc is used to reduce screen tearing and remain clarity while running at 144Hz. As a result, players can see opposing players and objects clearer in motion. It also has screen guards which are designed to reduce any distractions.

The RL2460 allows console players to use up to two screens with real time response and no lag. This is great for head-to-head fighting games like Street Fighter V. You can play SSV at the booth on the RL2460, in addition to playing Overwatch on the XL2735.

The booth will be located near the PAX Arena eSports Stage and will be running competitions throughout the event.

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