Blizzard has just confirmed that Overwatch character Genji will be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster. Genji is the fourth character from Overwatch to be added to the game. The first characters were Tracer, Lucio and Zarya.

Genji is classified as an “Assassin” hero who can deal high amounts of damage however, he has low health. He also lacks his wall-scaling ability from Overwatch. Due to the nature of Heroes of the Storm, his ability has been modified slightly to suit the game. Genji has a special passive ability called “Cyber Agility” instead. This ability allows him to leap over walls.


All of his Overwatch abilities have been ported to the MOBA. Here’s his move list:

Basic Abilities

Shuriken: Throws 3 shuriken in a spread pattern which damage the first enemy each one hits

Deflect: Blocks all damage for 1.25 seconds and throws a Kunai at the nearest enemy to prioritize Heroes and deal damage

Swift Strike: Dash forwards and deal damage to all enemies in a line. Enemies heroes who die within 2 seconds cause the cooldown to be refunded

Heroic Abilities

Dragonblade: Unleash the powerful Dragonblade for 8 seconds where the player can lunge forwards and slash in a large arc.

X-Strike: Perform 2 slashes that deal damage and ignite after 1.25 seconds to deal damage to all enemies in the area of effect

In addition to Genji, a new map is coming to Heroes of the Storm. This is the first Overwatch map to be moved across to the MOBA. Genji’s home map Hanamura is being added to HotS and will be a two lane battleground. The map will feature Payloads which deal damage to the opposing teams core however, they deal more damage when forts and keeps are destroyed.

All of this new content will be released as part of the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update which will be launching later this month. Players will be able to explore the new map and character from April 25th.