Since Overwatch doesn’t hand out gameplay-modifying loot, Blizzard is heavy into the skins game. That means special events and loot boxes galore stuffed with new ways to dress up your favorite and not so favorite characters. Halloween is obviously a perfect opportunity to introduce new outfits to the ball, and the first spooky skins have leaked. The Halloween Event starts up next week, October 10th on all platforms. Last year’s edition gave us a Frankenstein Roadhog and Witch Mercy among others. What can we expect in 2017?

Zenyatta ditches his usual calm exterior for the terrifying chaos of Cthulhu. Or maybe a Blizzard artist got Ganesha very very wrong. Nice to see Zenyatta rock the horror and show some personality.

Symettra is looking a bit like the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

Not quite sure what Symettra is other than scaly and horn….she has horns. If she’s an obvious fantasy trope please illuminate in the comments.

You knew fan-favorite Mei would be a part of the early leaks to showcase the goods (I haven’t played OW in a year, maybe everyone despises her now). Most have reported her as a Chinese Vampire. Sounds vaguely racist hence why I clarified it wasn’t my idea. Who knows? China invented paper and gunpowder, I’d believe if they came up with Vampires a few thousand years before my country was even born. If you zoom in you’ll see she has vampire teeth, but it’s impossible to see the shiny diamond skin we all know vampires have thanks to that documentary hosted by Kristen Stew,

But wait, there’s more. Yes, more than shiny Edward glistening in the sun like a VAMPIRE

These two goofballs goofin’ around in this here picture were the first to show off their Halloween spirit. Reaper looks like Friday the 13th’s Jason going to prom in the ’70s. Mccree looks like he phoned this Halloween in by wearing a slightly wider hat?

Let us know what you think of the new skins, your favorites from last year, and your hopefuls for 2017’s still unrevealed cast members.



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