Thankfully developers are “busy on the next patch.”

No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is an unfortunate example of an over-hyped game that has failed to meet players’ expectations. This action-adventure survival video game has been talked up as 2016’s next big thing–an open world like we’ve never seen before. It presents players with an infinite galaxy to explore and in which to survive. You can travel to any planet you choose, and each one has its own unique environment and lifeforms.

Damaging Reviews Abound

Despite these amazing features, players are giving the game a resounding thumbs down. Reviewers have reported yes, No Man’s Sky does have many planets, many lifeforms, and many ships. However, you can see the game’s complete variety within a couple hours of playing. The planets all have the same resources to collect, settlements with lifeforms that are all similar, and ships that all handle exactly the same way. Overall, No Man’s Sky did not deliver what was promised to players, and they aren’t happy.

Out of over 70,000 total reviews on Steam,

No Mans Sky Steam
From the No Man’s Sky Steam page.

only 32% are positive, giving No Man’s Sky “mostly negative” overall user feedback. More recent ratings are even worse; over 5,000 users have reviewed the game in the past month, and only an astounding 12% were positive. This gave No Man’s Sky’s recent feedback an “overwhelming negative” label, a rare sight that is sending many Reddit users into a frenzy. Some are even claiming this breaks the record for the lowest Steam rating, though there is no official data to support this.


Next Patch on its Way

Developers at Hello Games have been pretty quiet the past few months, especially its founder Sean Murray. After some prodding from players, audio chief Paul Weir tweeted, “Sean is fine and we’re all busy on the next patch.”

While some players have renounced No Man’s Sky all together, some remain hopeful that Hello Games will release updates that add the features they’ve been promised. What side of the spectrum do you fall on?

No Man’s Sky is available to play now on PS4 and on PC via the Steam Store.