NX mockup

A handheld NX powered by Nvidia: Music to our ears, or Nintendo’s swansong?

NX mockup


Huge news today in the Nintendo world. According to Eurogamer, multiple sources have confirmed that Nintendo’s next console, codenamed NX, will be a portable, handheld device with detachable controllers. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Rumours of a handheld / console hybrid have been circulating for some time now, but the device that has been outlined in this latest batch of supposed leaks raises some interesting questions to say the least. Before I go on, here’s the quick-and-dirty on what the NX might be according to these insiders:

  • Handheld, portable device
  • Screen is bookended on either side by detachable controllers
  • Connects to a docking station to play games on your HD display while at home
  • Will play game cartridges
  • Powered by a Tegra chip from Nvidia
  • Won’t be backward compatible

Sounds like a pretty radical unit to me. Keep in mind, we’ll need to treat this all as rumour until Nintendo officially reveals the NX, which should hopefully happen in September. Eurogamer reached out to Nintendo about the leak and got the following response: “Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017. As such we’re unable to comment on the various rumours and speculations circulating.”

So what does this mean for Nintendo if it all turns out to be true? Mat and I got together to discuss that very topic. You can hear our opinions, positive and negative, by checking out our conversation below. Please do chime in to let us know what you think as well. Leave us a comment, or holler at us on the YouTube channel. Is this supposed handheld NX the miracle device that could initiate a Nintendo revival, or is it the final nail in the coffin?

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