Sony isn’t saying the event is for Neo, but the event is for Neo.


A few days ago a French gaming publication by the name of Gameblog published a very interesting report. According to their sources, Sony is planning to reveal their next console, an upgraded PS4 codenamed Neo, on September 7 in New York. The generally shared speculation has been that Sony would reveal Neo some time in September, but most everyone expected Sony to unleash the thing during the Tokyo Game Show (September 17-18). Gameblog is a reportedly reliable source, though, and today they have been vindicated.

PlayStation Meeting

It seems Sony has sent invitations to the media for a special event on (gasp!) September 7. The event, titled “PlayStation Meeting,” will take place in The PlayStation Theater in New York at 3PM EST. The whole show will be live-streamed, and the only thing stated outright is that they’d be discussing “details about the PlayStation business.” This could make a lot of sense. Getting this big reveal out of the way means that Sony could focus on showing off games running on its more powerful hardware during TGS.

What’s this about the NX?

Oh yeah! I almost forgot: that same article posted by Gameblog also mentioned that one reason Sony may want to reveal Neo on September 7 is so the excitement around the console won’t be diluted by Nintendo revealing its NX the week of September 12. Someone who speaks French better than I do – that is to say, at all – should take a look at the wording and let us know in the comments below how confident Gameblog’s sources sound. If Neo and NX are both revealed by mid-September, it’s going to be a real fireworks show! For now, all we can do is wait patiently. As for me, I’ll just be waiting.