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Could MyRepublic make Australian internet great for the first time?

MyRepublic if you haven’t heard are an ISP. Originally based in Singapore, they have expanded to Indonesia and New Zealand and are launching in Australia. The date for launch is on Tuesday, 15th of November. MyRepublic are focusing largely on the gaming market. They offer a network optimised for low latency, high speeds and unlimited data. Whatever network you’re on, MyRepublic will ensure that it’s working to its maximum capability. The plan is a flat rate monthly fee of $69.99. Sounds pretty good, right? They are represented at PAX Aus in Melbourne this week and are offering a special discounted rate of $59.99 for gamers. Get in quick though, the deal is limited to the first 500 customers.

So, what’s included in the deal?

MYRepublic PS4 Giveaway

The ISP have partnered with Sony to offer a GAMER PS4 Pro fibre broadband bundle. This includes:

  • Unlimited download and upload speeds at the fastest NBN speed available at the customer’s location (100 Mbps/40 Mbps)
  • $200 off the PlayStation 4 Pro
  • High Speed WI-FI modem (If you’re not on the NBN currently, the modem is NBN ready)

This is a pretty sweet deal. On ISP comparison site Whistle Out, the lowest rate given for a similar package was $69.99. Plus the upfront cost for a modem. MyRepublic offer a modem for $1. Yes, one dollar. “The MyRepublic Gamer plan is specifically engineered to directly deal with the current pain points many Australian gamers are facing today, including latency, connection instability, bandwidth caps and slow uploads or downloads.” said Nicholas Demos, Managing Director of MyRepublic Australia.

MyRepublic are also offering a giveaway with Sony which includes:

  • MyRepublic Unlimited Gamer Pro Plan (12 months)
  • PS4 Pro, PS VR and PS VR Worlds
  • Last Guardian
  • PS Plus Membership (12 months)
  • Wi-Fi Hub Modem
 Australia’s internet speeds have been lagging behind other countries badly. A new ISP that has innovation at the forefront may just be what we need. As gamers, this seems like a great opportunity to support an ISP that has our needs in mind.

For more information visit their website.


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