My favorite game of 2015 – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – will be free to PS Plus owners this October. It’s joined by both Amnesia games in the Amnesia Collection.

That’s You! is ending its extended free period October 24th, so make sure you activate your ownership before it leaves if you have any interest in the social party game (are there anti-social party games…..Risk?)

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and Titanfall 2: The Ultimate Edition are both receiving 30% Ps Plus discounts staring now through October 3rd.

Here’s the full lineup of freebies:

To celebrate PSVR’s one-year anniversary the PS Store is claiming many discounts starting Oct. 10th. Also, RIGS Mechanized Combat League is free to all Ps Plus owners until November 7th.

The free stuff keeps coming. The makers of SMITE and Paladins are offering a closed-bets for their new turn-based CCG Hand of the Gods: SMITE TACTICS. Access begins October 17th and comes with a Hand of the Gods Plus Pack.

Phantom Pain

My previously mentioned GOTY for 2015, Phantom Pain is a tight, stealth-action experience with wonderful interplaying systems. The story is a bit thin (which could be a plus if you hated MGS IV) and Konami’s awful singe-player online implementation is irritating, but it’s still a heck of a experience worth playing. I’m happy that anyone who skipped it has the chance to play it risk-free.

Amnesia Collection.

Currently $40 CAD on PSN. Here’s the official blurb:


Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts you in the shoes of Daniel as he wakes up in a desolate castle, barely remembering anything about his past. Exploring its eerie pathways, you must piece together Daniel’s troubled memories and uncover the horror that lies deep below.


In Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus wakes in his bed wracked with fever and haunted by dreams of a dark and hellish engine. All he knows is that his children are in grave peril, and it’s up to him to save them.Amnesia: Justine puts you through a series of trials constructed by a demented mind. Will you risk your own life to save others?



This one looks quite interesting. An award-winning, color-changing, puzzle-platforming son-of-a-gun WHOO!

Sky Force Anniversary

IGN gave it a 9.5 10 years ago and it’s back (for the perfect 10?). Beautiful visuals and two-player (online or couch). Looks like a perfect stocking stuffer for PS Plus when you just can’t find anything to play with a friend.

A great haul this week, especially since I sold my physical copy of Phantom Pain! I’m also looking forward to blasting through Sky Force and maybe solving a few puzzles on the Vita. Thanks Sony!





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