Enjoy a fun-filled, super cute action RPG with Lost Castle.

Lost Castle is a rogue-like RPG from Chinese developer Hunter Studios; despite the restrictions that Chinese developers are bound to, Lost Castle is filled with action as players fight their way through Castle Hardwood and the estate.

Being a combination of the rogue-like and RPG genres means that each run through the game is different, but the player can still customize their character to an extent; every new attempt at the game is randomly generated, and players can expect a different experience with every play-through. The dungeons in the game are filled with a variety of enemies, items, and equipment which can be found in throughout the randomly generating dungeons.

Players have limited character customization with a huge number of weapons, armor, items and potions to use; there are no classes in the game, but each weapon has unique abilities and attacks which provides some customization.

Combat in Lost Castle follows a system similar to the action-adventure genre; the game is played in side-scrolling 2D where enemies become aggressive once the player enters their range. Most dungeon rooms contain some smaller enemies that need to be defeated before the player can progress to the next room. They can also contain different traps or equipment being used by enemies that are used to attack the player from a distance. The enemies are varied enough to be constantly entertaining, but there is still a relatively small number of them which makes them easy to understand. There are various bosses for each zone in the game, and these are randomly selected when the dungeons are generated.


Prepare to do some grinding in Lost Castle.

Dying is expected and will happen often. On death, the player can use the points gained from that attempt to power-up their future heroes. This system can make dying very beneficial but, the player will need to start at the beginning of the game when they respawn.

Lost Castle is a solid rogue-like action game; it’s perfect for co-op play with a friend, but there are some very minor issues with it; some of the text is worded strangely and could do with some revisions. Outside of this, however, it’s a fun game, and anyone who is uncertain about it can play test it at Another Indie, its publisher’s stall in November at PAX Aus.

The game can be found here on Steam. Some game footage is below:

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