Streamers everywhere rejoice!

I was already thinking about splurging on a PlayStation 4 Pro, but this recent revelation has me pulling out my credit card: You can stream in 1080p and 60 fps directly from the PS4 Pro. Before the Pro, you could only stream in 720p directly from your PS4. You could stream in 1080p but only by connecting your console to your computer with a device such as the Elgato. Now, you don’t need any extra devices or cords or settings. You can simply set up to your PS4 Pro to connect with either Twitch or UStream and start streaming in seconds. Here’s how:ps4 share

  1. Start the game you wish to stream
  2. Press the ‘Share’ button on the controller
  3. Select ‘Broadcast Gameplay’
  4. Select the service you wish to stream to (Twitch or UStream)
  5. Link your Twitch or UStream profile to your PS4 (This is done on their respective websites)
  6. Set streaming options and title your broadcast
  7. Select ‘Start Broadcasting’

You can see your broadcast’s comments right on your TV too! When you want to stop the stream, simply press the ‘Share’ button on the controller again. Of course, you’ll still need more gear in order to stream your voice commentary and face cam if you want to take those extra steps. Check out the video below of a player using the PS4 Pro’s 1080p streaming feature.

Streaming in 1080p is awesome, but there are a couple other reasons you might want to upgrade to a PS4 Pro. The resolution has taken a huge step forward by running natively in 4K, or 2160p. Also, they’ve improved the visuals of objects in the background, small details like smoke, textures such as dirt and metal, shadows, characters’ faces, and even the visible light spectrum. These graphics improvements make games appear much more realistic with less over an over-saturated video-gamey look.

The PS4 Pro is available now for $400 from most major retailers. Are you convinced you need one yet?


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