“We’re going to share our progress with you all in the New Year!”


Media Molecule, developers of the LittleBigPlanet games, has delayed the beta of their newest game Dreams, a PS4 exclusive. In a blog post, studio director Siobhan Reddy detailed delaying Dreams and apologized for their recent silence.

The Dreams beta was planned for release in 2016, but, as Reddy wrote, the game is larger than they anticipated. “Dreams is Big. Really big. I mean, we always knew we were a bit crazy, but the enormity of it has taken even us by surprise.” She notes they could have “cut corners” to release the beta on time, but that would have been a disservice to the game’s vision.

“We are well on the way,” she added, “and have had a really productive year. We have ticked off many big tasks including implementing a working rough cut of the full feature set, starting the QA/developer version of the trial and making good progress on the game campaign we are making within Dreams. The results we are getting in the studio are truly amazing but we have a bit more to do before we share it with the world. We don’t want you to have to squint through a haze of bugs or unfinished features, so we’re going to share our progress with you all in the New Year!”

The blog post did not give a new release date for the beta other than “the New Year,” so I can’t say how long the delay will be.

I also can’t really say exactly what this game is besides being creation-based. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has described Dreams as “a next-gen creation platform” that has “much more flexibility than LittleBigPlanet.”

He explained that in LBP, you are making new levels of an action game. In Dreams, you can create levels like that, but you don’t have to. “If you’re a painter,” he said, “you can just create beautiful, painterly looking drawings. Or you can just animate the character. Or you can [remix] other people’s creations.”

Hopefully we’ll hear more news from Media Molecule on a release date soon. In the meantime, check out the Dreams trailer below and see what you make of it!

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