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Command your crew and battle at sea in Iron Tides.

Iron Tides is an upcoming rogue-lite game from developer Crash Wave Games where the player controls a crew of mighty Viking warriors; on a mission to stop the rising forces that threaten the Viking way of life. It blends tactical combat with survival and exploration as the player travels the ruthless ocean. The game is currently in the final days of its Kickstarter Campaign and still has several thousand left to raise.

The Iron Tides Demo only shows a small portion of what the final game will have to offer, and the plot is almost non-existent in the current game build; this is something that will be expanded more as development progresses. Players need to fight the Warships on their path towards the Fortress where the evil Warlord resides.

Iron Tides BattleExploration and survival are the primary focus of the game as players need to explore the procedurally generated map to discover the correct path to the Fortress. The player is limited to moving one square at a time and uses Food for every move; as the game progresses, more of the map is revealed to the player including new locations to visit, enemy vessels and blocked paths.

Combat in Iron Tides is very strategic and allows players to forge their playstyle to deal with the various types of enemies in the game. The battle is fought on a tile based board where the player controls four unique Viking warriors; each warrior has several abilities which make them perfect for different combat roles. There are no character respawns, however, the final version of the game will include several other warriors that can be purchased from a marketplace.

Iron Tides is still in development, but the current state of the game is very positive, the gameplay is smooth with very few bugs. The present condition of the game has no real need for the resources collected throughout the game and running out of Travel Stamina has no effect at this time.

It’s a strong Viking themed rogue-lite game, and the Kickstarter Campaign can be found here. Over the weekend the devs are hosting a two-day stream on Twitch. It will consist of the devs engaging with backers, completing challenges and eating chilli peppers covered in chocolate!

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