Street Fighter V Story Mode

Street Fighter V Story Mode

Street Fighter V shipped a little, shall we say, bare-bones. If you weren’t ready and willing to hop online and dedicate all of your playtime to online matchmaking then there really wasn’t much for you: no trials, no survival, no versus CPU, and no story mode. That’s all changing though, and Capcom has confirmed that Street Fighter V‘s story mode is on track to release later this month as free DLC. They published a huge update via Capcom Unity, and it sounds like the story campaign is actually much beefier than we originally expected.

The story expansion is called A Shadow Falls. It will focus on the evil Shadaloo organization, which has unleashed seven “Black Moons” that have given M. Bison incredible power and enveloped the world in darkness. It’s up to the World Warriors to put a stop to it. Don’t expect to breeze through this one in 10-15 minutes like you would in the typical fighting game; Capcom expects it will take players 3-4 hours to complete the story mode, so that’s a nice surprise. Capcom also revealed that story mode will be playable with any character, including the full roster of DLC characters: Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, and Juri. The last three characters haven’t been released yet, and won’t be available in any other game mode until they’re fully balanced and officially released.

street fighter v story

The update is worth checking out, as Capcom also goes over a new pricing structure for DLC headed into the future. What you need to know is their premium currency, called Zenny, is gone. Now you’ll either purchase DLC with real-world money, plain and simple, or earn it with in-game fight money. Personally, I think that was a smart decision. Finally, Capcom hinted that a versus CPU mode and Extra Battle mode are on the way. So what do you guys think? Is this enough to get you back into the game, or did an anemic launch leave a bad taste in your mouths?

Source: Capcom Unity