The Welcome Bundle is the best deal in Hearthstone history.


Hearthstone is by far the most popular CCG in the world. This game boasts over 40 million registered users, and I guarantee you that at least half of those accounts are playing on a regular basis. That’s great for Blizzard, but for newer players who want to try their hand and play some cards it can be a bit intimidating. After all, the long-time veterans have all these awesome cards and custom decks already. How are you to catch up without spending all of your time or money?

Enter: The Welcome Bundle. This is – by far – the best deal in Hearthstone history. For $5 you score ten classic packs (containing five cards each), and a bonus random class legendary card. Just to put that in perspective, usually you pay double that to open seven packs, and you never have a guarantee of anything better than a “rare” card. Some streamers will open 60 packs at a time and never see a legendary.

“If you’re new to Hearthstone and wondering where to begin, the Welcome Bundle will set you well on your way to building a Classic deck recipe or creating an exciting new deck of your own. You’ll unwrap one of nine Classic class Legendaries, such as the mystical Mage card Archmage Antonidas, or the relentless Warrior card Grommash Hellscream!” Don’t let this deal pass you by! Check it out today, and be legend.

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnTzJCEb3tQ” width=”560″ height=”315″]