GOG.com is celebrating the launch of the DRM free versions of the two most recent Saints Row games. As part of this celebration, the website is giving away one of the games for free.

Over the next two days, anyone will be able to add Saints Row 2 to their library and download the game for free. The deadline for the freebie is April 22nd at 11 am GMT.

However, this copy of the game is DRM free. As a result, players can play the game without needing to use GOG or the Galaxy client to play it.

The celebration comes with an added bonus. Players can use the GOG Connect feature to import their Steam games to the GOG library. This is perfect for people who’d like a DRM free version of the game but already have the game on Steam.

Saints Row 2 will be free on GOG until this Sunday so gamers will need to act fast to grab it.