Do you enjoy the concept of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds — a.k.a. PUBG — but struggle to actually play the game well? It’s a common complaint from veteran first-person shooter players and newbies alike due to PUBG‘s lack of tutorial and offline play. You have to learn by playing, and since every match is vastly different from the last, it can be difficult to hone specific skills and mechanics.

Enter Battle Royale Trainer, a new game designed to help your combat and shooting skills in PUBG. The game is completely offline, so you’re playing against AI instead of other human beings. This gives you the perfect opportunity to work with a wide range of weapons and attachments without the stress of a battle royale match where you’re constantly anticipating encountering another player.

Here are Battle Royale Trainer‘s features, according to the Steam listing:

• Third-Person or First-Person view

• Train on three different scenarios: Urban combat, Woodland sniping, and an advanced Firing Range with magnified target view.

• Choose your loadout from a wide range of carefully modelled weaponry including assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, and shotguns.

• Advanced AI options such as reaction time and accuracy, or choose from a range of preset difficulty levels to gradually improve.

• Huge range of scopes, sights, and other attachments which accurately affect weapon handling.

• Accurate hit-tracking with statistics to see where your shots are landing.

• Fully modelled bullet physics with accurate bullet-drop and travel time help you practice your sniper skills.

• Learn how to control recoil & sway, peek, and other advanced techniques.

• Fully rebindable controls let you quickly and easily change and test your setup in a controlled environment.

Battle Royale Trainer is available now for $3.99 on Steam.

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