Titanfall 2 is set for an October 28th release and like all Fall games, it’ll have some seriously stiff competition. It can be almost impossible to avoid any competition but delaying a game a few weeks or more to encourage a better initial sales showing can make or break a game. We all saw what happened to the critically acclaimed but commercially ignored Rise of the Tomb Raider when put head-to-head with the monstrous Fallout 4. While it’s not quite the same, Titanfall 2 will still be sharing its special day with another Bethesda powerhouse: Skyrim – Special Edition.

Let’s take a look at some potential clouds that might rain on this parade.


Battlefield 1 – Oct 21

Does it not seem a little insane that EA is releasing these two juggernaut online shooters just one week apart? Battlefield has received crazy hype this year and releasing it seven days earlier could easily steal the spotlight for quite some time.

Last Guardian – October 25

Last Guardian may be a completely different experience even aimed at a much different audience, it still could be a massive landmark that takes up a ton of attention. The already-legendary game has been in development since the PS3 and a massive percentage of the gaming world will be desperate to see the final product.

Skyrim – Special Edition – Oct 28

Sure it’s not a new game per se, but the nostalgia for this one could make it even more dangerous. Elder Scrolls games were always loved by RPG fanatics but after Oblivion primed the pump of console/mainstream success, Skyrim broke the bloody dam with its cinematic presentation and streamlined yet Bethesda-deep gameplay. There hasn’t been a real Elder Scrolls since so fans will be plenty hungry to snap this up.

Again, you could make the case that a single-player RPG remaster is not aimed at the same audience as a competitive twitch shooter, but there’s only so much attention to go around.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Nov 4

Speaking of competitive twitch shooters, we have a game with the most disliked YouTube trailer of all time. Which is a total joke, but that’s the internet for you. The E3 trailer showing space battles and a Mass Effect-ish capital ship bridge, you could feel the excitement in the audience through the screen. But when the words Call of Duty showed up the hate began to froth in the mouths of whiny babies around the world. Why? We don’t really know nor care to figure out.

I believe this game will be critically well-received but could very well be the odd one out. Battlefield 1 will have no problem getting attention, but it could come down to Titanfall 2 and Infinite Warfare for the #2 spot.


What do you think Mr and/or Mrs Quiet?

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